Grace Christian Academy has a racial nondiscrimination policy and, therefore, does not discriminate against applicants on the basis of race, color, or national or ethnic origin.

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to administer emergency medical care to my child while they are with the

school group from Grace Christian Academy, Covington, Georgia. I further

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Fundraiser Participation Agreement

Standard of Conduct Agreement


I understand that students are expected

to maintain a Christ-like standard of

conduct throughout their enrollment.

I understand that if my student is found

to be out of harmony with the Educational

Ministry's ideals of work and life, or if my

student or the actions of my student become

a disruption in any way, my student may be

instructed to withdraw whenever the

administration determines that it is necessary.

I pledge to direct my student to uphold the

standards of Biblical morals and unquestionable

character. I will direct my student to act in a very 

orderly and respectful manner and to maintain the

standards of courtesy, kindness, morality, and

honesty.  My student will not give the impression

to students, parents, or faculty that he/she is not

in harmony with the goals, aims, and standards of

the Educational Ministry.

Parent Agreement


For and in consideration of my student being admitted into Grace Christian Academy, I do hereby accept such admission and the duties and responsibilities entailed therein and

agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement:

1. I subscribe without reservation to the Doctrinal Statement and the Standards of Conduct of Grace Christian Academy and agree that my family will abide by these

standards in all aspects of our lives, both at and away from school ministries and functions. I am a member of a local Church, faithfully attending services and taking an

active part in the total church program.

2. I have read and understand the Student Handbook and I agree with it completely. I agree that my child must abide by all the policies, rules, and regulations of the school,

including those listed in the Student Handbook, and I agree to support Grace Christian Academy with my prayers.

3. I understand and agree that the education of my child will be guided by the instructors and other school officials. I agree that my purpose in obtaining a Christian education for

my child will be achieved by following the curriculum set by the instructors. To that end, I agree that I will require my child to perform all duties and responsibilities entrusted to

him/her by the instructors or school officials to the best of his ability to their satisfaction. I understand and agree that during my child’s enrollment the courses offered and the

instructors teaching them may change from time to time in the discretion of school leadership.

4. I understand and agree that my child has no right to publish and distribute a student newsletter or any other publication. I understand and agree that Grace Christian

Academy, has the right, in its sole discretion, to control what is published, circulated, or otherwise distributed at its school to its students or staff, and I will ensure that my child

understands this provision.

5. I understand and agree that attending Grace Christian Academy is a privilege and the school reserves the right to suspend or expel my child from the school for just cause, as

determined by the school. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, this Agreement does not bind either party to any specific period of enrollment. Either party

may terminate this Agreement without cause upon seven days written notice.

6. As I am a Christian and Grace Christian Academy is a Christian Ministry, both parties agree that they would never make demands, threaten to sue, or actually litigate any

matter whatsoever relating to or resulting from this Agreement. To do otherwise, would be in clear violation of Biblical teaching and practice.

7. I certify that I will explain this agreement and its meaning to my child. I will assist the school in every way necessary to ensure my child abides by all the terms of this agreement.

8. I hereby give permission for my student to participate in all activities of Grace Christian Academy, both on and off the premises. We further grant permission to the staff of Grace

Christian Academy or a designee thereof to transport my student to and from school functions. I also agree not to hold the school or staff responsible for personal injury.

9. I hereby promise to uphold Grace Christian Academy to my student and to insist that he/she adhere to all rules and regulations specified in the handbook. I give the Grace

Christian Staff permission to discipline our children in a suitable, Biblical manner. 

Arbitration Agreement



Grace Christian Academy is a Christian school for Christian families who have a desire to provide an educational environment for their children where God, the Bible, and prayer

are given their rightful place. Families are expected to pray daily for their school and to provide support for the staff and administration. If there is a difference in opinion, or a

problem, it is expected that parents will follow Scriptural instruction in resolving the problem. That is, go directly to the source (administration) and discuss the problem. The

Bible states that it is displeasing to God for Christians to handle differences through courts of law (Matthew 18:15, I Corinthians 6). A condition of admission is that families

agree that they will not utilize the courts to settle differences with the school. Because this ministry is composed of Christian individuals, we must follow the course prescribed in

Matthew 18 and I Corinthians 6. When a dispute or conflict arises between an individual and this ministry or individuals within this ministry, the member taking offense shall

follow these steps after first examining his own life and conscience:

1. Personally talk to the individual by whom he was offended.

2. If reconciliation is still not reached, a second Christian is to accompany the one seeking to resolve the matter.

3. If the matter is still unresolved after the steps outlined above, the parties involved will submit the issue to arbitration. The arbitration shall be conducted according to the

following guidelines:

A. The decision made by the arbitrators shall be binding on both parties.

B. The formal rules for discovery and evidence shall be agreed to prior to the arbitration.

C. The arbitration shall be handled by a panel of three Christian arbitrators, none of whom are close friends with either party or have knowledge of the facts leading to the dispute.

D. Each side shall select one Christian arbitrator, who is not an attorney, with the other party having absolute veto power over the selection on up to three occasions.

E. The two arbitrators selected by the parties shall mutually select a third arbitrator who is not an attorney and has no knowledge of the facts leading up to the dispute.

F. The arbitrators shall, subject to the provisions of these procedures, arbitrate the dispute according to the terms of these procedures, the Bible as interpreted by the

school’s Statement of Faith, and any applicable school documents.

G. The arbitrators shall hold the arbitration hearing as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days after the election of the third arbitrator.

H. There shall be no stenographic record of the proceedings, and all proceedings shall be closed to the media and other individuals not directly involved in the proceedings.

I. Normally, the hearings shall be completed within three hours. The length of the hearing, however, may be extended by the arbitrators in their discretion or an additional

hearing may be scheduled by the arbitrators to be held promptly.

J. The arbitrators are to make and publish their award, in writing, signed by each of them concerning the matters referred, to be delivered to the parties no later than 48 hours

from the conclusion of the hearing, unless otherwise agreed by the parties. The arbitrators may, in their discretion, furnish an opinion.

K. It is preferred that the arbitrators reach a unanimous decision, but if a unanimous decision cannot be obtained, a majority decision will be accepted. The written decision of

a majority of the arbitrators shall be final and binding on all parties, and judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrators may be entered in any court having jurisdiction

thereof. There is no appeal from the decision of the arbitrators.

L. The decision of the arbitrators is to be kept confidential by all parties for a period of one year.

M. Should any party commence legal proceedings against another party with respect to the agreed scope of the dispute or the binding decision of the arbitrators, with the

exception of an action to enforce the decision of the arbitrators, that party shall pay to the other party all expenses of said proceedings, including reasonable attorneys’ fees. In

the event it becomes necessary for one party to commence legal proceedings to enforce the decision of the arbitrators, the non-prevailing party must bear all the costs of said

proceedings, including reasonable attorneys’ fees.

N. Each party shall have the privilege of having an attorney present at the party’s own expense.

O. Both Grace Christian Academy and all parties involved in its ministry waive all rights to civil litigation involving any part of Grace Christian Academy.

P. No party shall unreasonably delay or otherwise prevent or impede the arbitration proceedings. No party will involve the news media in the dispute in any way. No party

shall publicize the dispute in any way to anyone not a party to the proceedings, except as permitted by the arbitrators, and except that a party may disclose the proceedings of this

arbitration to his or her spouse, legal counsel, insurance carrier, and as otherwise required by law. Q. Each party shall pay his or her own costs and expenses related to

presenting the party’s case to the arbitrators. The cost of the arbitration, including any fees for the arbitrators is to be shared equally by both parties.