Have you ever adopted? (Have you ever adopted a pet from an animal rescue group? Indicate if you've ever adopted a rescued pet before. If so, indicate if you've adopted from RescueCats before.)

Reason for adopting? (Select the primary reason you are adopting a pet.)

Kitten, adult or senior? (Are you interested in adopting a kitten, adult or senior cat? Select the age-range of the cat you're most interested in adopting.)

Important Characteristics? (What characteristics are important to you when considering your new pet? Choose ALL of the characteristics listed that are important for your new pet to have. Choose one or many.)



Rent or own? (Indicate if you are renting or if you own your home. If you are a renter, indicate if you are required to provide a pet deposit.)

Any restrictions? (Indicate if there are any restrictions on the size or number of pets allowed in your home. Choose the option that best suits your situation.)

Relocate with pets? (If you relocate/move, would you make sure the landlord accepts pets in the home, if applicable?)

Financially Prepared? (Pets will eventually need medical attention. Are you financially prepared to take care of vet bills?)

Recent Pet Loss? (Has any pet died on your premises in the last 6 months of feline leukemia, respiratory infection or unknown causes?)

Lifetime Commitment? (Are you willing and prepared to dedicate up to 20 years or more to care for your new pet?)

Relinquishment Justification? (What circumstances, in your mind, justify giving up a cat? Please select all that apply. IF none of these apply, please don't check any boxes.)