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Cat's Environment (Where does kitty spend his or her time?)

Exposure to Dogs? (Does the cat behave well around dogs?)

Exposure to Other Cats? (Does the cat behave well around other cats?)

Litterbox Trained? (Does the cat use the litter-box on a regular basis?)

What kind of litter?

Scratching Post? (Does the cat use a scratching post or pad?)

Donation for cat's care (RescueCats takes in cats and kittens from the public on a limited basis).


Because we are a small, private shelter we can only take in new cats and kittens as we adopt others out.


The average cost per kitten or cat is nearly $225.00.


We will test, vaccinate, spay or neuter, microchip, and provide treatment for worms, fleas, and more.


This will ensure that the cat or kittens will not reproduce, adding to the pet overpopulation problem, and will be as healthy as possible before going home.


*Senior Cats require more care, so we appreciate receiving a higher donation for their care.


What donation are you prepared to make to help with the cost of care for this cat?


(If you select "OTHER AMOUNT" in the drop down menu below(v)- please add the amount manually in the box the appears on the screen above).


Please carefully enter the amount that you will be donating because you will be asked to use Pay Pal at the time your kitten or cat is accepted into our organization.

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Spayed or Neutered? (Has the cat been spayed or neutered?)

Vaccinations? (Please indicate if the cat has been vaccinated.)

FELV and FIV Testing? (Has the cat been tested for FELV and FIV?)